Dots, stripes & bold graphic designs

Combining prints: still the new black? It looks like we’re in the mood for dots, stripes and great graphic designs this year! While browsing around for inspiration I found polka dots everywhere. From bags and tights to bedding and wallpaper. Graphics are going to be bold, whether in black and white or vibrant colors. And according to we’re ‘walking the line’ in the spring of 2013. If you are in need of inspiration visit some of the websites listed below. Also I have collected some great geometric designs for you. Looking to make a statement in your home? Check them out!


Falling triangles

There is no way anyone can walk past an artwork like this without pausing to look. It shows strong geometric shapes, but still has a natural feel to it. What do these falling triangles represent? Or are they not falling, but swimming along? The designer is Sandra Fettingis and in her Etsy shop you can find a lot more of these stunning geometric pieces! Just click here.


At you can create your own fabric or wallpaper design. If you’re not creative that way you can always browse through the many original designs made available by other (professional) users. This beautiful design was made by Shelley Aakjaer and is very eye-catching. Perfect for pillows, table-covers or (if you’re not afraid to use it) wallpaper! You can find design ‘hexy poms’  here.


To add a graphic touch to your home you don’t have to go all out. Simply order these lovely wooden blocks and make your own geometric sculpture anywhere you like it! They’re hand painted and made by Traci Johnson and to be got right here on Etsy. (Also love the vintage chair silhouettes!)


Want to personalize your stationery with graphic patterns? Or your t-shirt, jeans, pillow cover, lampshade, …? That is easily done with these rubber stamps. Browse Riyo’s Etsy shop, choose your design and go for it! These stamps also make great gifts.

More websites about the latest design trends:

– Polka dots at 

– Stripes to wear at

– Fashion and patterns at

– Stripes in all colors and sizes! The furniture collection of Squint Limited


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