Ceramist Conny Pols: no stories, just shapes

Conny Pols

Sculpture by Conny Pols.

When Conny Pols was first introduced to clay, she realized it had infinite possibilities. Besides, there was another characteristic that appealed to her: “Clay is a sediment and is carried by water. I was born and raised on my parent’s barge; I sailed until I was eight years old. After that I attended a boarding school, but I was still on the water in weekends. This is what made me become me. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I am working with clay now. My sculptures really reflect my personality.”


Nature offers a large variety of patterns and intricate structures. These shapes, often created by water, wind or fire, are great sources of inspiration to Conny. In her opinion, they don’t need decoration or complicated stories. “The elements fascinate me. The shapes they make are unique. Sometimes I also look at architecture for inspiration, but I focus on form as much as possible. Color, for example, I only use when necessary.”

In 2002 Conny entered into a ceramics course at SBB Gouda. Before she began to work with clay, among other things she designed fashion, constructed wooden cabinets and made aquarelle paintings. Some skills she learned over the years still come in handy now: “You learn to perceive things as they are and you can picture them in 3D. That is very important to me.”

Back into the Circle

This sculpture belongs to the collection ‘Back into the Circle’ by Conny Pols.

The story behind

Conny is averse to thinking up stories around her work. Her sculptures don’t hold hidden messages. “They are very much like me. I am the way I am, because of certain experiences and events in my life. This, my personality, I pass on to my sculptures.” When an idea takes shape in her head she doesn’t necessarily use it right away. “I make sketches, but sometimes I can’t still figure out how to make it work. The idea has to develop further or I am not yet ready for it. In some cases, they stay in my archive for years.”


Would you like to see more sculptures by Conny Pols? She exhibits her work regularly. Dates and places are listed below. On her website you can also find some stunning pieces: Conny Pols. If you would like to buy one of her artworks, you can find contact information there as well.

Back into the Circle - ornament

Collection ‘Back into the Circle’, by Conny Pols.


The necklace ‘Back into the Circle’ will be exhibited in museum CODA in Apeldoorn from the 2nd of March until the 7th of April. It was selected to compete in a jewelry competition. For more information: CODA Apeldoorn.

On the 20th and the 21st of April you can visit Conny Pols in her studio! She participates in an art route that takes you to 26 workshops in and around Ridderkerk. In her studio you can also see paintings made by Neeltje Meerman and glass beads designed by Esther Bartels. Singer Roos Comen and Conny’s daughter Esther de Bruijn, singer, songwriter and graphic designer, will be performing.

From the 25th of Mai until the 15th of July Conny Pols joins in an exhibition at the Gimborn Arboretum in Doorn. The theme will be: Ode to nature.


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